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Outdated icon.svg This page is outdated and is only kept for historical reference.

Meeting 2010-06-10

Location:   Berlin Fairgrounds
Event:      LinuxTag, Mini Debian Conference (MDC2010)
Date+Time:  2010-06-10 14:45-17:00


FirstName   LastName    IRCnickname
Andrew      Lee :-)     AndrewLee
Christoph   Wickert     cwickert
Sven        Guckes      SvenG
Sebastian   Horst       meo
Mario       Behling     MarioB
Nikolas     Poniros     edhunter
André       Niemann     strohi


Our bond for all productivite creation is based on clear, open and honest communication. Yet we have been remiss in not talking to the founders of this mission. We regret this, and humbly apologize. We will do our best to communicate to all in a timely manner. We start now.

why has the foundation been founded without talking to the original
we just did it - and we are sorry for the lack of communication.
we apologize for this - especially
we need to improve communication.


how can the original
why does www.lxde.org point to...?
We follow the do-ocracy, ie anyone who does anything is involved.
The foundation does NOT control the community.


we need a translation of the foundations
charter of the foundation, statutes,
principles of the NGO, association articles -
they need to be translated so further people
know about it and


All decisions within the foundation
can only be made by the members.
(all according to German law)
the foundation should always listen to
the community and honour their goals.
we are asking everyone to become a member.


insight to the donations.
we must publish the protocols of meeting.
(German law requires this anyway)


we need to explain what this NGO is.
eg all money taken in must be spent
for the purposes of the NGO itself.
Members MUST NOT take money from it
for any personal use.
votes can only be made by people who
are actually present at the meeting.


  • fund raising
  • pay developers (especially AndrewLee, pcman) as contractors

pay for:

  • travel expenses
  • booths (infrastructre)
  • support the ideas+goals
  • contracts for events


Q: is possible for a company to get a tax reduction when donating to an NGO of a foreign country?


Q: do we need a newsletter mailing list?
A: NO. just give announcements.


  • Communication: extra IRC channel for meetings (once a month)
  • Debian MeetBot
  • Wikipage for each Meeting to collect topic items
  • Newsletter Mailing list (read-only), moderators
  • who would support the LXDE foundation?
  • Key Signing
  • Create application forms for membership
  • create a Release Coordinator/Engineer/Manager (freezes, tests, announcements)
  • Assign Backup Maintainers