How to contribute into translating LXDE

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How to start translating LXDE

Easy steps to start translate LXDE components:

  1. subscribe to LXDE translators mailing list
  2. go to LXDE translation server and register there
  3. write into the mailing list your user name and language that you want contribute to
  4. wait confirmation in the mailing list that you were granted access rights to that language
  5. find some free time, translate something, then press 'Commit to VCS' to submit your translation into the project

Different ways to translate

Before you do translation, you are very encouraged to press Update from VSC then Update against templates to get freshly updated data to translate. If you don't do so then you have some chance to either not be able to submit your translation into the project, or have incomplete translation, even if it looks complete.

After you did the translation you should press the link Expand details in the translation overview page. If you click on it - you'll get details of the translation. Ideally you should see empty the Failing Checks section, though it is still OK to have some Cosmetic warnings. It is not OK to have anything in Critical subsection - only valid case is a translation of "translator-credits" - the translation should have translators names in own line each so if there is more than one translator, one error of types Newlines and XML tags will be generated by Pootle, you should ignore those errors and click on appropriate red marks in the translation interface to disable them (they become gray after that). Note that translators list should not end with new line, otherwise you break the project builds.

Always pay attention to comments, please, those often contain important info related to translation to translate string correctly.

You should always press Commit to VCS to submit your translation into the project after you done with it.

If in doubt or step into some problem, then ask your questions in the mailing list, please.

Note about Pootle server: sometimes pushing some button on Pootle may not work on first try and give you an error, retry the action again, please, there is a big chance it will work on second try.

Test your translation

It is greatly appreciated if you test your translations. What are points of interest to check:

  • strings in all the windows should match the context and be in right case, time, and form
  • underscored characters (so-called mnemonics) should be unique within the same menu or dialog window
  • sometimes translated string may bloat the menu or the window, try to change string to something a bit shorter if that happened

PO translations files

You can test your translation for some LXDE component if you have the same version of LXDE component already installed on your system without recompiling and reinstalling the component. Easy steps to do this (la below is your language abbreviation, component is name of component):

  • compile your PO file:
rm -f && msgfmt -o la.po
  • install compiled file replacing existing translation:
sudo install -m 0644 /usr/share/locale/la/LC_MESSAGES/
  • start (or restart) the application and check if all the strings are correct and follow context.

See also

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