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The components of LXDE can be installed via ports by issuing the following command as root (you will need an internet connection):

# cd /usr/ports/x11/lxde-meta && make install clean

LXDE can be installed via pkg_add:

pkg_add -r lxde-meta

LXDE can also be installed via pkgng:

pkg install lxde-meta

You need linprocfs mounted though.

Put this in your ~/.xinitrc to start LXDE via startx command:

# echo 'exec startlxde' > ~/.xinitrc

Configuration for locales

Put this in your ~/.xinitrc before "exec startlxde" to set locales.

ru.UTF-8 is my locale, please replace it with yours.

export LC_ALL=ru.UTF-8
export LANGUAGE=ru.UTF-8
export LANG=ru.UTF-8
exec startlxde

Configuring fstab file

In FreeBSD 10 you can add linprocfs like this to "/etc/fstab" file:

proc   /proc   procfs   rw   0   0