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Outdated icon.svg This page is outdated and is only kept for historical reference.

About LinuxTag

LinuxTag is one of the most important places for Linux and open source software in Europe. The 16th LinuxTag presents all the latest for professional users, decision makers, developers, beginners and the Linux community



Tickets are available at the gate or in the online ticket shop.

  • We have a limited number of free tickets available for LXDE contributors. Please contact Mario Behling at mb@lxde.org or Christoph Wickert.
  • One-day ticket €14.00 (€12.00 advance booking)
  • Four-day ticket €30.00 (€20.00 advance booking)

For more info and reduced prices, please take a look at the LinuxTag website.

2010-06-10 14-17h MeetUp

The LXDE users and developers meeting will take place on Thursday June 10th at 14:00. We will meet at the Sidux booth ($LOCATION?)

We are planning to have an informal meeting of LXDE developers, maintainers and users at Linuxtag. If you are interested, please enter your name, your email and your IRC nick (if you regularly are in the #lxde channel) so we can coordinate the meeting.

If you are interested in buying a LXDE T-shirt, please enter size and desired quantity, e.g "2 XL". Mario will then bring swag with him.

Name Email IRC Nick Notes T-Shirt
Christoph Wickert cwickert fedoraproject org cwickert LXDE maintainer for Fedora --
Mario Behling mb lxde org MarioB President of the LXDE Foundation --
Andrew Lee ajqlee debian.org AndrewLee LXDE Maintainer for Debian --
André Niemann niemanna fh-brandenburg de strohi LXDE User --
Nikolas Poniros edhunter [at] sidux [dot] com edhunter Member of the sidux LXDE Team 1 L
Thomas Kross captagon [at] sidux-ev [dot] de captagon LXDE User --
Sven Guckes debminiconf@guckes.net SvenG LXDE Sympathizer --


We would also like to join up with you during the LXDE BBQ, which will be organized in the c-base space station. Date to be decided.

Still no decisions? :-(