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Guide for wiki contributors

This page is a draft, for the moment.

This page is intended to indicate some guidelines for contributing to this wiki (in English).

Typographic rules/Presentation


Titles which are the most important (highest level) are made with == Titlename ==. For a subtitle, use === Title, subtitle original ===. Just add equal signs (=), depending on how you want the structure of the page.

If you need more than 4 levels, it's recommended to structure your page in a different way. Starting from the 5th level, those titles aren't much different from the 4th level titles.


You have two ways to insert code (not to counfound with command lines). If you want to include a very short code in your sentence, you can use the <code> marker. For instance, here is an exemple (where "show_user_tasks=1" is marked with a code marker, eg <code>show_user_tasks=1</code>): "You can add a show_user_tasks=1 line in your ~/.config/lxtask.conf file".

If you have several lines to show it's better putting them out of a sentence. For code appear correctly, you have to put a space character before each code line. Here is an example:


You can also use "pre" markers: <pre>Your content here</pre>.

Command lines

To show command lines, you have to use the "sh" template. Please see its page to see how to use it.

Tip: With some characters, you may not have a good output. You may see something like "{{1}}". If this is the case, you may have to use the "nowiki" marker in the command and/or in the prompt in your sh "command".


For the quotes, please use "<blockquote>…</blockquote>" or (better) the Quotation template.


The way to use internal and external links is not the same in MediaWiki (the wiki engine used here).

Internal links

Internal links are used these ways:

  • simple link to a page with the same name as shown: [[Main Page]]: Main Page,
  • link to a page with a customised display: [[Main Page|this is the main page]]: this is the main page,
  • link to a page in another language (please precise the language if it's not the same): [[:fr:Accueil|Main page (in French)]]: Main page (in French).

External links

External links are used these ways:

  • simple link (not recommended): [http://www.lxde.org]: [1],
  • link with a customised display (please precise if it's in a different language): [http://www.lxde.org LXDE website (in Portuguese)]: LXDE website (in Portuguese).

Metadata links (language and category links)

Links to categories are used this way (example with FAQ category): [[Category:FAQ]]. Those categories need to be created. However, their dynamic contents (pages and subcategories) are updated automatically. To create a category, just edit the (non-existant) page, type a description and save your work.

Links to pages in other languages are used this way (example with LXLauncher page in Italian): [[it:LXLauncher]]. Please set these at the bottom of the page.

In template pages, you have to put the metadata links inside "noinclude" markers. Otherwise, these links will appear in the pages using the template, which is not a wanted behaviour.


To create a list, you have to use asterisks. Here is an example list code and what how it is displayed (please pay attention to the ends of line):

This is a list:
* item 1,
* item 2:
** subitem 1,
** subitem 2,
* item3.

This is a list:

  • item 1,
  • item 2:
    • subitem 1,
    • subitem 2,
  • item3.


Some templates have been written for some purposes:

Please keep these templates in mind while writing or modifying a page in order to have a good-looking and consistent wiki.

If you want to write a new template, please put the description of the template (on its page) inside "noinclude" markers.

Wiki page structure

A page is structured this way:

  • a block template (for instance, for components),
  • a page title (as indicated in the #Titles/sections section; optional),
  • an introduction (optional; please put outdated and draft block here if necessary),
  • the heart of the page,
  • a "See also" section (with internal links; optional),
  • an "External links" section (optional),
  • metadata (see #Metadata links (language and category links)):
    • categories links,
    • links to same page in other languages (left).