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Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment - 10, 15, 25, 50 and 100 Word Descriptions

Advantages of Debian-LXDE

  • Extreme performance
    • Fast and light weight
    • 50-80% more faster than other netbook operating systems
  • Installation
    • Simple and fast installation
    • Applications can be installed from extensive list of software repositories with Synaptics installer
    • Icons show up on launcher immediately after installation comparable to MS Windows
  • Ease of use
    • Simple launcher program from the panel menu for users familiar with MS Windows
  • Internationalization
    • LXDE supports most European languages
    • Complete support of Chinese and most common other Asian languages
    • New languages can easily be added
    • The core team actively supports the porting of LXDE to other languages
  • Global Community
    • System is based on a global development community guaranteeing the continuous development and long term support
    • Head of development is based in Republic of China/Taiwan
    • LXDE was planned from the beginning as a fast and international system by an internationally experienced team
  • Commercialization
    • LXDE is supported by different vendors who joined the development
    • LXDE has well-established contacts with large hardware producers and already engages in associate partnerships with key players
  • What LXDE as a company offers
    • LXDE offers commercial licenses and support for hardware producers
    • LXDE offers custom development of its software for producers
    • LXDE offers companies the rebranding of its desktop to integrate LXDE into their corporate solutions
    • LXDE offers consulting on product development and user interface development with GNU/Linux
  • Opportunities with LXDE as a company
    • LXDE has an outstanding solution which can be extended into a range of products
    • LXDE focussed first on development and second on marketing
    • The solution of LXDE is now ready to deploy
    • The LXDE team is international and experienced
    • LXDE has the human resources to adapt and expand its solution
    • LXDE is looking for committed partners and investors
    • Return of investment is highly probable

Category Description


LXDE is a faster and energy saving Linux desktop solution for low cost pc netbooks. (15?)


Speed up your desktop and save energy on netbooks, low cost PCs and mobile devices with LXDE lightweigt desktop solution. (20?)


Designed for ... solution for.. .


Engineered with speed, ease of usability and resource saving in mind, LXDE is the faster and energy saving alternative to other operating systems. ... provide quick installation, ... minimal maintenance for a significantly lower TCO.

Option #2 for 50-Word

Ready to add ...? LXDE allows you to ... without buying expensive hardware. You don’t have to hire an army of computer experts (or be one yourself). Setup and operation is easy, and installation of new applications is done ....


Designed for.... LXDE is the ... alternative to .... Plus, LXDE... cost-effective alternative without complexity, making it the ideal solution for lowcost hardware PCs s


10 Word

15 Word

25 Word


LXDE provides a choice for platforms performance and energy efficiency with current technology investments and requirements.


Additional Points

Key Feature and Benefit Descriptions


  • Saves ...
  • Provides easy integration through compatibility with: any Linux Distribution including ...

other distributions can easily be added

  • delivers exceptionally fast...

Additionally developed PCMan toolkit o Maximizes system speed and workflow o increases the performance

A few additional copy points that may be helpful:

LXDE solutions are perfect for ...:

  • Where User populations own mobile low cost devices...
  • Where energy efficiency and long hours away from power distribution is an issue and users need a reliable desktop system with low power consumption
  • Where...