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Outdated icon.svg This page is outdated and is only kept for historical reference.



  • find easy way for people to translate lxde. how do we work together with debian? http://www.debian.org/international/
  • Have a page for the translation project. Best would be to have separate language files for each component and have people translate it and post it in the forum.



Join in show

  • use amberjack to show how to contribute

if you are a developer you can contribute at sourceforge.. you can do this... you can do that... http://amberjack.org

Use Content

Mailman Button


  • correct impress

Multilingual Menu

  • The Garland multilingual menu hack is here: [1]


  • Planet LXDE to IRC

http://www.egghelp.org , http://uptime.eggheads.org , http://sourceforge.net/projects/logs2html/

  • Log IRC



Already installed or built-in

Topic Solved
Gives the topicstarter the option off accepting one answer and mark the topic as solved. And mark the topic as unsolved again.
  • Requested by maces and installed. But some modification for PostgreSQL has done manually - Medical-Wei 06:56, 9 January 2009 (UTC)
Powerful modification providing another popular visual confirmation method, reCAPTCHA.
https://code.launchpad.net/~phpbb3.pl/phpbb3-recaptcha/1.0 - Fetched with bzr.
  • Because our captcha used before seems easy to broke and I've dealt with some spams on the forum, I installed this mod to replace the original one. And reCAPTCHA is also used in the wiki. - Medical-Wei 06:37, 13 December 2008 (UTC)
Youtube Video BBCode - Modified with built-in function instead.
Adds a new bbcode allowing you to easily embed videos from YouTube.com.
Global Announcements
Puts Global Announcements on the home page and view topic, both of which can be switched on/off independant in board features(ACP) :http://www.phpbb.com/mods/db/index.php?i=misc&mode=display&contrib_id=2905
Highlight Google Keywords - Installed Highlight From Search Engine instead.
Highlight the Google keywords in a thread that were used to find that thread. Requires Apache and mod_rewrite.
View All Posts Sorted By Time - The function is already built in.
With this MOD you can view all posts made within a selected time frame (i.e. 1 week).
View Unanswered Posts in Forum - The function is already built in.
This MOD finds all the unanswered posts in the current forum. It is identical in function to the "View unanswered posts" on the index page except it's just for one forum.
Who posted?
This MOD will allow users to view who posted in a topic. It was inspired by a vBulletin feature.
Your posts since last visit - The function is already built in.
This MOD displays a link to the search page which displays a list of posts that have been replied to since your last visit. :http://www.phpbb.com/mods/db/index.php?i=misc&mode=display&contrib_id=301
Smartfeed - Installed simple RSS mod for phpBB3 instead.
Provides RSS 0.91, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 customized newsfeeds. Users select forums they want using a web page. If registered with the board, users can get feeds for protected forums if they have appropriate phpBB permissions. Public forums can be selected without registration. Sophisticated logic keeps the public from receiving feeds from protected forums via URL cracking.

Not installed or incompatible

UploadPic adds a link to the message-editor, which allows the user to upload a picture (jpg/gif/png) and paste it to the message (standard/align left/align right, align requires the MOD "Left and Right IMG tags") with the correct BBCode ([img], [url] or both).
  • There's an uploading function built-in but this one is far away better. However, this mod is for phpBB2. Now seeking alternatives. - Medical-Wei 03:41, 24 October 2008 (UTC)
Admin Userlist
This MOD lets you view all of your members and various information about them in the Admin Control Panel. From the list, you can perform various actions on multiple users. Delete, Ban, Unban, Add to Usergroup, etc...
  • phpBB2 only, and no idea whether there's an alternative mod or not. - Medical-Wei 03:41, 24 October 2008 (UTC)
Chunk Longs URLs
Tired of long urls that strecth your phpBB layout? This mod will chunk long urls.