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Welcome to the LXDE Wiki
LXDE is a faster and less resource hungry free and open source desktop environment.
The wiki has 58 articles so far.

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LXDE Screenshot
Developer The LXDE Team
First released 2006
Latest version 0.99.2
Release date and age November 21, 2016
Programming language C, GTK+
Platform Linux, BSD
Language Multilingual (more than 35 different languages)
Genre Desktop environment
License GNU General Public License, LGPL
Download Download

LXDE, which stands for Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, is a desktop environment which is lightweight and fast. It is designed to be user friendly and slim, while keeping the resource usage low. LXDE uses less RAM and less CPU while being a feature rich desktop environment. Unlike other tightly integrated desktops LXDE strives to be modular, so each component can be used independently with few dependencies. This makes porting LXDE to different distributions and platforms easier.

A good starting point is the General Information page, where you find information on system requirements and compatibility. You also find an overview of distributions including LXDE with installation instructions, plus more general installation instructions, information on LXDE components and our future plans on the wiki. More about LXDE on the website and in the LXDE forum.

In 2013, LXDE developers launched a side project for a Qt port and try cooperate with razor-qt. The two projects later decided to merge and form LXDE-Qt. See LXDE-Qt page for details.


  • Core desktop components
    • PCManFM, a fast and lightweight file manager with features like Drag & Drop support, tabbed browsing (Similar to Firefox), Built-in file searching utility, fast load of large directories, File association support (Default application), Thumbnail for image files, bookmarks support, correct handling of non-UTF-8 encoded filenames and more. It's based on libfm.
    • libfm, A glib/gio-based library providing some file management utilities and related-widgets missing in gtk+/glib. This is the core of PCManFM. The library is desktop independent (not LXDE specific) and has clean API. It can be used to develop other applications requiring file management functionality. For example, you can create your own file manager with facilities provided by libfm.
    • LXLauncher, an easy-mode application launcher for small screens
    • LXPanel, desktop panel. The panel can generate a menu for installed applications automatically from *.desktop files. It can be configured from GUI preference dialog, and there is no need to edit config files. The component provides a "Run" dialog with autocompletion.
    • LXSession, a session manager, is used to automatically start a set of applications and set up a working desktop environment. Moreover, the session manager is able to remember the applications in use when a user logs out and to restart them the next time the user logs in.
    • LXSession Edit, an edit manager for session management. The window manager in use in LXDE can be changed, the tool offers the ability to turn on disabled applications.
    • Openbox, a window manager and obconf
    • libmenu-cache a library used to loading spec complaint desktop menu. It creates some on-disk caches to speed up loading.
    • LXMenu Data, a collection of files, intended to adapt LXDE menus to the menu specification. The data can be used in conjunction with libmenu-cache.
  • System Tools
    • LXTask, a task manager and system monitor
    • LXDM, a lightweight display manager used for logging in

See also status of LXDE Components

How to install LXDE

Please use the installation page as your starting point. That page provides general information on how to install LXDE. More detailed information for special distributions can be found in the specific articles of those operating systems.

LXDE on Linux
Android | Arch Linux | CRUX | Debian | Fedora | Frugalware | Gentoo | Mandriva | OpenWrt | Pardus | | PCLinuxOS | | Sidux | Slackware | SuSE | Ubuntu | VectorLinux | XO | Zenwalk | (more)
LXDE on BSD and Unix
FreeBSD | OpenSolaris | PC-BSD

How to customize LXDE

more in the category How tos


LXDE Design Project

Join us at the LXDE Design Project and have thousands of people using your LXDE desktop design or wearing your LXDE Fashion design. More info..

LXDE Translation Project

It is our aim to give access to information to people with less powerful hardware. Many people did not have the opportunity to learn English or another second language. Let us make LXDE available in their language, so everyone can profit from the speed and easy to use features of LXDE! With the LXDE Translations Project we also aim to offer documentation and resources around LXDE in as many local languages as possible. More info..

LXDE Packaging Project

It is our goal to provide packages in as many Linux and other Unix distributions as possible. Please help in the LXDE Packaging Project by providing information and how tos for making packages and getting LXDE packages into different distributions. More info..

Please Join

  1. Subscribe to our developers mailing list (For translation mailing list, please go to the 18n mailing list on instead.)
  2. Join our irc channel on irc:// for online discussion.
  3. Help debugging/testing
  4. Writing and translating the wiki and docs
  5. Packaging for various distros, and make LXDE included in official repositories
  6. Write some programs for LXDE

Git information

Please check out the LXDE source code from our git repository at sourceforge.

 git clone --verbose git://

Each project needs to be checked out alone by replacing PROJECT with one of the project names found on

Developer articles

Also have a look at following developer-oriented articles:

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