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Outdated icon.svg This page is outdated and is only kept for historical reference.
Opensolaris-LXDE Screenshot
Developer Alfred Peng
First released 2009
Latest preview version to be released
Release date and age to be released
Frequently updated yes
Language Multilingual
Status active
Genre Unix Distribution
License Choose License
Download Opensolaris Download

Alfred Peng from Wuhan is porting LXDE to OpenSolaris. OpenSolaris supports GTK. Since LXDE is a GTK based desktop environment, some of the applications (pcmanfm, lxpanel, lxappearance, lxlauncher etc.) can be easily built and installed. But some still don’t work. The network manager lxnm is one of them, also lxtask and lxterminal. Good news is that the OpenSolaris nwam manager works great with small memory footprint :) The app lxmusic, which is the media player for LXDE, depends on xmms libraries. This could be a limitation for the distribution as xmms links against a lot of patented codecs.


Packages on the OpenSolaris repository are not yet available, but you can build your system by using the LXDE source code.

The first set of spec files have been checked in to the SFE reporitory (SFElx*, SFEgpicview, SFEgtknetcat, SFEopenbox and SFEpcmanfm). If you’re familiar with CBE, it’ll be very easy for you to build and install LXDE on OpenSolaris. Those who are interested can also refer to the CBE instructions:

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