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PC-BSD is based on FreeBSD that by default installs KDE.

To install LXDE in PC-BSD:

# pkg_add -r lxde-common

# pkg_add -r lxde-meta

or compile from the ports tree:

# cd /usr/ports/x11/lxde-meta && make install clean

You then need to edit the KDM KDM is located at:
Add the following line:
dm/Xsession: custom: exec /usr/local/bin/startlxde

PC-BSD 9.0 Isotope

As of the PC-BSD 9.0 release you can select the LXDE desktop during install at the Desktop Selection Screen. LXDE is also default on the CD and USB LITE images. There is also possible to install and uninstall desktops in the System Manager, you can then select the desktop to use at the Login Screen.

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