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Leafpad Help

I cannot find anything like a User Guide or Help for Leafpad. It might be that because it is incorporated in Lubuntu 13.04, its help is somehow there also.
It should be a significant effort in this educational forum (as in any encyclopedia), to support the use of the described objects. That should indicate that a User Guide / Help / Hints / Problem Reports, and other guidance for the inexpert user, even if it is just directions or even links to such information. i.e.: [target file extensions]
It might be this meme would address Leafpad by name and version until it is no longer in use, or else the default Lubuntu text editor, whatever its name. There would be complexities in either case. It might reasonably depend on the size or activism of the interested population.

-- Window fields, mouse & key stroke controls, file management, OS dependencies, ...
-- Links to the current 'official' sites of community development of Lubuntu, with an elementary introduction to that labyrinth of proprietary version vendors, component structures, extensions, revisions, authorities, development cycles, and for individual support and contribution to Lubuntu development, and mechanisms & procedures for naive personal use.

{Attempt to add updated image of Leafpad window fails:
Lubuntu 13.04, Leafpad, Lubuntu default fmt & font.
. /home/jbirch10/2014-12-21-193715_570x328_scrot.png ( view shows my file to right.)
? Leafpad-screenshot.png
[Upload file] ->"Could not open lock file for 'mwstore://local-backend/local-public/archive/a/a8'." => ?
} --Wikid (talk) 23:37, 21 December 2014 (UTC)