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I was also wondering about an editor, or creating my own menus under lxde - and i did find that you can use alacarte to edit your menus. it is the default menu editor and does quite well for the lxde menu.

Path-names, root-account


as I'm very new to lxde and this community - I just don't allow myself to edit some article directly.

Nevertheless I have two points:



is named as a directory for *.desktop-files. So isn't this a very good place to put my own app.desktop-file inside without using root?



although it exists - why using it, if I could save my desktop-files under ~/.local/share/applications?

Probably this is all very philosophical as long as I'm the only person using my PC.

I would propose the following hint:

The two locations under "/usr" should be used for applications which should be accessible (or better "includable") by every user of a system while the path and so the desktop-files inside the user's HOME-dir is/are only accessible by the corresponding user.