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Please add your suggestions here. How about someone look at the forum once in a while. Spamville over there!

There is also an iphone photography link in the text in the middle of a sentence that looks like spam.

Should we include Parcellite, a lightweight clipboard manager?


-system-config-printer on debian system, that show you the printer queue list, when you start something, this oepn automatically, i thing, open a recommended packages for LXDE desktops, this will be hopefully for a lot of people.

use thumbnails

The small 515kB desktop snapshot one the main page should be replaced by a real thumbnail. Especially because I(maybe a lot of others?) can't get more than 20KB/s from the wiki's host -- Ubuntu packages arrive with 30MB/s to (not from) my department's proxy -> performance problem on your side. yslow & Co are your friends: try the integrated "smush it" to get properly sized, good quality thumbnails.

I second this request. It's somewhat ironic as lxde is the faster desktop (but slower wiki). ;) 11:42, 27 May 2011 (UTC)

Switching license - please act soon!

I hope the LXDE wiki is switching from GFDL to CC-BY-SA. It must be done soon (by the end of July 2009). It's very easy - the site operator can make the call. --Chriswaterguy 04:54, 14 July 2009 (UTC)


Since the change to GIT, all relevant wiki pages should be altered acordingly. Done for the main page.

Change the ability of editing the main page

I reverted back to previous state of the main page... the later page seems to be "spammed" or damaged by spammer. You should set the ability of editing the main page only for administrators

Translate extension

Hello, I see that this is a multilingual wiki. Have you considered using the Translate extension, which allows to easily make your MediaWiki multilingual? It makes you save enormous amounts of time which otherwise is wasted on templates wizardry, manual synchronisation of pages and so on, scarying off most translators; and offers many other aids to efficient translation. Now it's also available in handy tarball bundles. The page explains how to get help and more information, and there is extensive documentation; asking on #mediawiki-i18n @ freenode is probably your best chance for immediate assistance if needed. Thanks, Nemo 00:04, 14 January 2013 (UTC)

Hi Nemo, thanks for the information! Do you know it's available for PostGreSQL as well? It looks very promising and I'll have a look at it in the near future. Kind regards, Smile4ever (talk) 13:33, 14 January 2013 (UTC)