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Sidux Logo
Developer sidux-team around Stefan Lippers-Hollmann (slh); sidux e.V
First released 2006
Latest preview version
Release date and age sidux 2008-04 pontos "Ποντος" / 2008-12-23
Frequently updated yes
Programming language
Status active
Genre Distribution
License GNU General Public License, LGPL
Website sidux.com, cap.gediam.de/index-en.htm
Download cap.gediam.de/download-en.html

berita terbaru news online berita unik techno sapuluh sidux is a desktop-oriented operating system based on the "unstable" branch of Debian, which uses the codename Sid. The distribution consists of a Live CD (bootable CD-ROM) for i686 or x86-64 architecture and can be installed to a hard drive through a graphical installer. sidux is maintained by a team of developers including former Kanotix developer Stefan Lippers-Hollmann (slh). Initial administration was managed by The sidux Foundation, Inc. located in the United States. Now the Berlin, Germany based non profit organisation sidux e.V. is administering and supporting the project. Gmail Untuk Domain Baru Gmail Domain Gmail Domain Who is Muhammad? Nabi Muhammad Saw Who is Muhammad? Nabi Muhammad Saw Video Tsunami Bencana Terdahsyat Bencana Terdahsyat Video Tsunami Fenomena Alam Alam Semesta Fenomena Alam Alam Semesta Free Free Games Games Online Download Video Games Counter Strike Music Musik Terbaru

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Installing LXDE-Sid

Download of the lxde-sid-iso

You can download lxde-sid lite iso here.

Download English Version: http://www.cap.gediam.de/download-en.html

Info on German Version: http://www.cap.gediam.de/index.htm

Release Notes

A snapshot from dec. 25. 2008 is uploaded (nearly sidux-pontos). Feel free to test itdownload. As an addition of one kernel prepared for Eee -701/900/900A/1000 especially with a script eee_config after HD-installation is installable, (look for installation) installation For the Asus-Eee-901/1000 a nessesary wlan-modul is installable with the same script.


Attention! The creation of an iso on USB-stick/sd-card isn't possible directly with my lxde-sid iso.

Please use the liveusb-creator: http://sidux.com/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t-10929.html More informations you get here: more help and tools for eeepc-user: http://walter.flightshop.de/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1


Furthermore I have add a new icewm-sid version (nearly sidux-pontos). Don't be surprised- the wallpaper you will get after hd-disk-installation. The icewm-version comes with a 486-kernel from the debian-sid-repo for AMD-k6 and most VIA-processors. How to install look please here: http://cap.gediam.de/installation-en.html

For both versions I have made a little script for removing of the displaymanager gdm and installing the lightweight display-manager slim (start it with start_slim after HD-installation).

Main and current

lxde-sid lite is, current applications and kernel, an unofficial sidux based linux-distribution (on GPL2/3 basis) with a resources protecting and functional graphic surface which aims at it to connect. Lxde-sid lite is fully compatible to sidux or Debian-sid. Also valid for the lxde variant one therefore finds also many helpful tips these in the sidux-manual are. Lxde-sid lite is suitable also well for the use on various netbook computers youtube (Asus-Eee, Acer One, medion Akoya/ MSI Wind, ...). There are no versions numbered particularly. The lxde-sid lite-iso always represent snapshot of the Debian-sid programmes at a particular time. Lxde-sid lite has (rolling release) on a request of its own fast and simply brought on a current state to itself almost any time. Please follow the notes and on the sidux web page: http://sidux.com

Application programs contained on the CD

It is numerous easy programs usually contain:

  • office-software
  • Internet (browser, e-mail, chat),
  • PDF observer
  • network tools
  • image processing
  • photo administration
  • multimedia
  • system administration
  • games like chess and skat

Many further programs are post installable from the gigantic and very current Debian-sid sources. The repositories of debian-sid contain the most extensive and most current binary soft keeping choice of all linux distributions. With lxde-sid lite you can profit as a user of it. The tools known under sidux or Debian are helpful.

Indications for the installation

After the download the file can be burned as CD iso. Please burn in the DAO mode absolutely pay attention that with a low combustion rate (as small as possible than 10x). The iso is produced with a special compression algorithm and is very sensitive regarding burning defects. It is described, like one Lxde-sid lite installs himself on hard disk, on USB stick or on SD smart card (also 'bootfromiso').

Installing from sidux

Download the latest version and burn the ISO. sidux includes a nice, easy to use, graphic user interface (GUI) to help with the installation.

After you reboot, sidux will check the hard drives (since you are using ext3). Do not worry if it reboots after sidux notices the time is off. It will reboot and boot up no problem. The only error I dealt with sidux not being able to load the modules for VirtualBox.

One of the first things you will after you finishing installing sidux is read the sidux Qucikstart Manual.

Installing LXDE

Since sidux uses the Debian sid repositories, install is performed by

# apt-get update && apt-get install lxde

In KDM or GDM choose LXDE as session.

apt-get dist-upgrade

With Debian or Ubuntu, you normally used apt-get update && apt-get upgrade to update your system. With sidux, you cannot, you have to use apt-get dist-upgrade in a Runlevel 3. This is where you have to be comfortable working in the command line. Once you are in init 3, run apt-get dist-upgrade which will upgrade to any newer packages in the sid repository. Once you have updated your system, you can go back to init 5 (Runlevel 5) and install packages by using apt-get install <package> relatively easily. You just got to remember to use apt-get dist-upgrade in init 3 regularly to keep your system up to date. Weekly updates are recommended, up to twice daily is possible depending on the mirror.

External links

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