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This is the coordination page of the LXDE Design Project. Open Source means everyone can get involved - not only developers. Check out the LXDE design and browse the project page at sourceforge. Join us at the LXDE Design Project and have thousands of people using your LXDE desktop design or wearing your LXDE Fashion design.


We have put up some channels for designers who would like to participate in the LXDE development and design to create a faster and more energy efficient desktop solution.


Design LXDE Logos, Templates and Posters!
We are collecting images and resources at the LXDE Design page.
Design a LXDE desktop theme
Design your own LXDE desktop look and feel with Openbox and learn more about the LXDE source code to join the design developement. We gather resources for the Desktop Design.
Design a T-Shirt or fashion article
Design fashion for an LXDE event and the community.


You are interested to participate in the design project? Please add your name and info here.

  1. Mario (Blog:, Email:, Interested in Theming, Wallpapers, Icon Sets
  2. Dennis (Email:, Interested in Theiming, Wallpapers and Icon Sets.
  3. User:Keshan (Blog: [1], Email:, Interested in Theming
  4. Shae Smittle(Blog:, Email:, Interested in Theming, Wallpaper, Icon Sets, Usability Improvements
  5. Radoslav Ivanov (Email:, Interesting in Themes (like a Login Themes) and Wallpapers
  6. Arkadi P. (Nookeen) (Blog:, Website:, Email:, Interested in Theming, Wallpapers, Icon Sets
  7. Dmagick (Blog: [2], Email:, Interested in Theming
  8. Charles (Email : ) , Interested in Themind , Icon Sets
  9. Fran Castro (Email:, Interested in Wallpapers and Icon Sets.
  10. Ali Jawad (Email:, interested in Wallpapers and Themes.
  11. Mark Greenwood. (Blog:[3], E-Mail:, Wallpapers, Theming.
  12. João Lucas Lucchetta. (E-Mail: - Interested Wallpapers and Logos
  13. Markus Majer (eMail: mm (at) mpathy (dot) de) - Interested in Theming, Usability, UI and design-oriented coding
  14. Renan Mayrinck (email: - Interested in Theming, Icon Creation and UI/UX design.
  15. add your name here and information here

Ideas for the future

Design Workshops
We would like to have workshops at open source events for designers in future. Any idea where would be a good place? You would like to offer a workshop? Put up ideas here and get in touch with us at
Design Competition
Many design students are working on projects for assignments at their university. Why not make an assignment with LXDE as a topic and for example create some LXDE fashion.

We are planning to have a competition for design students to put up their t-shirt at the LXDE website and have the design downloaded by users. We will have a vote on the best designs and feature students at the LXDE website in press releases and will offer a t-shirt with their design as a thank you.

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