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LXDE presence at events.


Hacking at Random
August 13-16, 2009, near Vierhouten, NL.
Abstracts should be submitted to our paper submission system on and are due May 1st, 2009.
Berlin, 24.-27. June 2009 in Berlin


Barcamp Singapore
February 29, 2009, Singapore
Mario Behling
OSSPAC - Open Source Pacific-Asia Singapore Conference
16-18 February, Singapore,
Mario Behling
7,8 February, Brussels, Belgium, Website
Mario Behling, Christoph Wickert, Ben de Grooth
3, February, 2008, Berlin,
Mario Behling
19, January, 2008, Berlin
Mario Behling
Wikipedia Stammtisch
18 Jan, 2008, Berlin
Mario Behling, Georg Jaehnig
FSFE Fellowship Meeting
¨LXDE and the Free Software Community in Asia¨, Thu, Jan 8, 2009, 19:30-21.00 CET, Berlin, Germany
Weitere Informationen vom Newthinking Store, Free Software Foundation Group Berlin
Mario Behling
Debian Developer Camp
27-28 Dec. 2008, Taiwan
Andrew Lee
25. Chaos Communication Congress
25c3, 27-30 Dec. 2008, Berlin, Germany, LXDE Presence
Marcus Schulderinsky, Sven Guckes, Alexander Morlanger, Mario Behling Conference Beijing
November 5-7th, 2008, Beijing, China
Mario Behling, Funda Wang, Arnaud Jauffres
20. Oct. 2008, Berlin, Germany Website
Mario Behling, Sven Guckes, Andre Rebentisch
Skolelinux Developer Gathering and User Conference
10-14 Oct. 2008, Oslo, Norway
Gathering, Conference
Andrew Lee, Eric Sun
September 2008, Taiwan
Andrew Lee, Mario Behling
Taipei Taiwan 23/24 Aug, 2008
Andrew Lee, Fred Chien, jserv, Mario Behling
LinuxWorld Expo
Aug. 2008, San Francisco, USA
Andrew Lee, Fred Chien, Glen Johnson, Mario Behling
March, 2008, Taipei, Taiwan
PCMan, Fred Chien, Andrew Lee