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For general installation instructions, see Installation. Specific pages below may give more detail for your system.

Linux distros and other OSes with LXDE or LXDE components installed

Ubuntu-based installable live cd with LXDE
PCLinuxOS-based tiny distro using some components of LXDE
Extremely small live cd using most of the components of LXDE
Ubuntu-based OS with LXDE and GNOME desktop enviroments
Member of Ubuntu Derivatives featuring LXDE
Vectorlinux LITE
VectorLinux LITE edition
Myah OS 3.0 Box edition
LXDE flavor of Myah OS
Parted Magic 3.1
A easy-of-use partition tool now based on LXDE
Hiweed Linux 2.0 beta
GNU/Linux environment for Chinese now based on LXDE

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