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This is the coordination page for the LXDE Packaging Project.


It is our goal to provide packages for as many Linux and other Unix distributions as possible.


Please help by providing information and how tos for making packages and getting LXDE packages into different distributions.


You are interested to participate in the LXDE packaging project or you are already a package maintainer for LXDE? Please add your name, distribution, and info here. (distributions in alphabetic order)

  1. Debian
    1. Andrew Lee 李健秋,,
    2. User, Email, Blog, Website
  2. Fedora:
    1. Christoph Wickert,,
    2. User, Email, Blog, Website
  3. Gentoo:
    1. Ben de Groot (yngwin),
    2. Zhang Le (robertz) User, Email, Blog, Website
  4. openSUSE:
    1. Andrea Florio, andrea[at]opensuse[dot]org,
  5. OpenWRT
    1. User, Email, Blog, Website
  6. Ubuntu
    1. Lubuntu Team on Launchpad,
    2. Mario (Blog:
    3. C David Rigby
    4. Luther Goh Lu Feng
    5. supervivid
    6. Chow Loong Jin <>
    7. Robin Arnaud
    8. Payne Samad Loh
    9. Dave Slaughter (McLovin) <>
    10. Druid Of System
    11. John Stanhope
    12. John Thng
    13. Scott Kemp <>
    14. Yves Dupont <>
    15. Zsolt Peter Basak <>
    16. Christian Brocke <>
    17. Christian Scherwinski (translation works) <>
    18. Eduard Gotwig <> < pls mail me if you have problems with Lubuntu (German/English)
    19. Frank Rodriguez <> < problems ? email me :) (english/spanish) >
    20. neXus <> <(english/italian)>
    21. mariogabrielg <> <(english/spanish)>
    22. Shaun Mallette <>
    23. Zach Kriesse <Email:>
    24. Ramón Alvarez(Montxo) <> <Language: English> <Blog:> <Wiki Page:> <Ubuntu Member and Ubuntu Wiki Guru/ me if you have ANY Wiki questions or issues>
    25. Peter F. <>
    26. <Lubuntu> Andrew O'Brien <Email:>
    27. Bernardo Elayda <>
    28. Jonathan Marsden
    29. Charles <>
    30. MaatUNIX <Email:> <Language: French, German & English>
    31. Michael Basse <> <german & english>
    32. Lugas Winukosekti <> <Language: Indonesian, English>

Links to Packaging How to

We are collecting links to packaging how tos for different distributions. Please also add the name and contact information of the responsible package maintainer.


As a package maintainer please join the LXDE developers mailing list and the forum for partner repositories.


As a contributor or supporter, please identify yourself as an LXDE user and give kudos to developers and contributors at Ohloh:

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