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#REDIRECT [[Installing]]
Welcome on the '''installation page''' of LXDE. Here you can find instructions to install LXDE on your PC. You can choose to [[Installation#Install_LXDE_onto_an_existing_Linux_system|install LXDE onto an existing system]] or you could [[Installation#Download_an_operating_system_with_LXDE_installed|download and install an operating system with LXDE already installed]].
== Download an LXDE-powered operating system ==
Download a distribution that offers LXDE as a standard desktop environment and follow their installer. The LXDE website also offers a download of Linux with LXDE at http://download.lxde.org.
Distributions offering LXDE by default: [http://lubuntu.me Lubuntu], Parted Magic (not for daily use), Knoppix, moonOS LXDE Edition, Sabayon, [http://www.pclinuxos.com/?page_id=188 PCLinuxOS LXDE],
== Install LXDE onto an existing Linux system==
=== Specific instructions ===
Specific instructions are available for: [[Android]], [[ArchBang]], [[Arch Linux]], [[CRUX]], [[Fedora]], [[FreeBSD]], [[Frugalware]], [[Gentoo]], [[Mandriva]], [[Pardus]], [[Zenwalk]]
=== Instructions for Ubuntu/Debian (APT) ===
This method is likely to work on aptosid, Baltix, BlankOn, CrunchBang, Deepin, Greenie, PCLinuxOS, eXPress-linux, Kubuntu and Xubuntu.
Open a terminal as root and type:
{{sh|sudo apt-get install lxde}}
If you want to use the Lubuntu-packages (for Ubuntu-based systems), type:
{{sh|sudo apt-get install lubuntu-core lubuntu-icon-theme lubuntu-restricted-extras}}
=== Instructions for Fedora (RPM) ===
This method is likely to work on CentOS, Fedora, Mandriva and Mageia.
On Fedora or CentOS, open a terminal as root and type:
{{sh|yum install lxde}}
On Mandriva, type
{{sh|urpmi lxde-task}}
On Mageia, type
{{sh|urpmi task-lxde}}
=== Instructions for Foresight (conary) ===
Open a terminal as root and type:
{{sh|conary install group-lxde-dist}}
=== General instructions ===
# Open your package manager, for example Synaptic
# Search for LXDE or install/uninstall programs,
# Choose the LXDE meta package or install (It might have a name like "task-lxde")
# Ensure you selected lxsession (lite). For netbooks, search for [[LXLauncher]] and also mark it for installation.
# Confirm installation (the system will download and install LXDE)
# Restart your computer and confirm to choose LXDE as new desktop environment (logout may work too)
# For netbooks, open a terminal window and type lxlauncher. This will start lxlauncher.
'''Congratulations, LXDE is installed!'''
== Installing LXDE from source ==
Please refer to the developers section at [http://download.lxde.org/ download.lxde.org].
Also see [[Talk:Installation| Discussion Page]].
== Running LXDE ==
This works on Mandriva (GNOME) and Ubuntu-based distros offering GNOME - most other systems are probably similar.
From the menu, select:
: System -> Administration -> Login window
This will give you a dialogue box:
* You may want to uncheck "Default session" so it gives you a choice at login (not sure if this works). When trying a new desktop environment this makes sense, so if there are major problems, it's easy to use a different one next time. Once you have settled on a new choice, you may wish to set this as default.
* Under "Security" if you uncheck "Automatic login" it will give you a dialog box to enter your password at startup. (This gives you time to make your choice.) Then, at startup, look for the session options. This might be a symbol like a paper and pen, displayed under the password box and next to the shutdown symbol. Choose LXDE, and start up. This should be all you need.
== Customizing LXDE ==
Information about customizing LXDE is available on pages in the [[:Category:Configuration|Configuration]] category.
== External link ==
* [http://download.lxde.org/ Download LXDE]
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[[Category:Linux Distributions]]

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