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LXDE is moving toward Qt in 2013 and tries to co-operate with Razor-qt, another lightweight desktop environment. The reasons why we did not migrate from gtk+ 2 to gtk+ 3, but took a completely different approach are described in the blog posts [1]. This is a preview screenshot.


The cryptic characters in the application menu are in traditional Chinese. It's not a bug. The developer is from Taiwan and hence this screenshot is taken under zh_TW.UTF-8 locale.

Core Components

Component Name Comment
Window manager Openbox We did not develop our own window manager. Instead, we use Openbox. To support Wayland, we need to find a new one if we want to migrate to Wayland later.
File manager PCManFM-Qt The file manager also provides libfm-qt, which is a core library reusable outside LXDE.
Desktop icons manager PCManFM-Qt The file manager also manages desktop icons and auto-mount of removable devices.
Desktop panel razor-panel great desktop panel from razor-qt project, alternatively we can use LxPanel-Qt (less recommended)
Session manager LXSession session manager, or we can also use razor-session from razor-qt
Power manager N/A Razor-qt has some related stuff, and we can use it.
Policykit agent razorqt-policykit handle policykit related authentications
Display manager sddm or Lightdm+razorqt-lightdm-greeter Or alternatively any other lightweight DMs.
Notification daemon razorqt-notificationd Notification daemon which can be used with libnotify.
Global hotkeys/shortcuts razorqt-globalkeyshortcuts Applications can register global hotkeys via this daemon
Execute commands razor-runner Awsome tool from razor-qt to let users execute command and other actions with keyboard

Panel applets

Currently, razor-panel is much more complete and polished. By default we use razor-panel.

Applet Status Comment
Application menu Both The lxpanel-qt one relies on menu-cache
Desktop pager Both
Application launch buttons Both
Task buttons Both The razor-panel one is better.
Volume control Both The razor-panel one supports pulseaudio, but the lxpanel-qt alsa implementation is simpler.
Clock Both The razor one is better.
System tray Both lxpanel-qt uses razor-panel code here.
Show desktop Both
Battery Both requires upower
Network status Both The lxpanel-qt one requires libgtop
CPU load razor-panel only Only razor-panel provides this applet


Component Name Comment
Image viewer LxImage-Qt A fast and lightweight image viewer
Text editor N/A Please use your favorate text editor, or we should have a built-in one?
Calculator ? It's not very difficult to either find one or develop one
Music player Qmmp We did not have a built-in music player, but qmmp is a good one.
Quick command launcher razor-runner Alternatively, we can implement this in LxPanel-Qt as we did in the gtk+2 version.
Terminal emulator qterminal We did not maintain this. It's developed by qterminal developers.
Clipboard manager qlipper We did not maintain this. It's developed by qlipper developers.
Find files PCManFM-Qt PCManFM-Qt will have a simple built-in file searching utility.
Screenshot utility LxImage-Qt LxImage has a built-in screenshot utility
OpenSSH askpass daemon razorqt-openssh-askpass OpenSSH can ask the user for user/password via this GUI dialog.

Configuration Tools

Component Name Comment
Control center N/A, just open menu://applications/DesktopSettings with PCManFM-Qt Alternatively, we can use razor-qt configuration tools
Keyboard and mouse input LxInput-Qt Currently only work with LXSession, but making it work with razor-session should not be difficult.
Screen configuration LxRandR-Qt Alternatively you can use razorxrandr
Theme configuration not done yet, use the ugly qtconfig-qt4 tool now Razor-qt has some good tools for it
Window manager configuration obconf This is gtk+-based. A Qt port is planned
Network configuration N/A A good alternative to nm-applet is wanted
Mime type/file association ? there seems to be such a tool in razor-qt

Other Third Party Qt Applications

There are many good and lightweight Qt desktop independent applications.

  • The Razor-qt team has a very comprehensive list for available good Qt applications. [2]
  • Alteratively, you can visit Qt-Apps website to get more. [3]

Build LXDE-Qt from Source

  • Git is used for version control. The latest source code is available from git repo.
  • We use separate repos for different components rather than a single large git repo.
  • Newly released tarballs will be available on our sf.net project page

Please see this guide for details: Build LXDE-Qt From Source

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