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Developer LXDE Team
Latest version 0.4.1 (from 29 July 2011)
Genre Display Manager
License GNU General Public License
Website lxde.org

LXDM is the lightweight display manager aimed to replace gdm in LXDE distros. The UI is implemented with GTK+. It is still in early stages of development.

LXDM was started by "dgod" from China and is developed by the LXDE community. For some time it only worked smoothly with Fedora while on Ubuntu and others, there might have been some issues.

LXDM has full theme support as of Jan. 22, 2010. Theme support is based on gtkrc styles and GtkBuilder xml UI definition. LXDM's default theme is ported from the GDM Industrial theme. Currently, LXDM uses the gtk pixmap engine to accomplish its themeing, but in the future will utilize the gtk-css-engine which will ease theme development. Official theme documentation will be forthcoming. Meanwhile here is some unofficial documentation on the default theme's gtkrc and greeter.ui files for those interested.

The code is in the LXDE svn repo.

Choosing other desktops/wms

If you want to have a choice between starting in LXDE or other options (including simply Openbox) then it's important not to use LXDM versions earlier than 0.3.0, as they have a bug which interferes with sessions other than LXDE. The bug was worked around by adding support for .dmrc in LXDM 0.3.0.

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