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The LXLauncher is the optional launcher for application programs developed for the 7-10.2" screens. LXLauncher enables the LXDE desktop to be a topic oriented grouping specific application programs to one view under tabs.

Customizing LXLauncher

If you want to change the look of LXLauncher you can change most colors using the gtkrc file in /usr/share/lxlauncher. I don't know how to change the main background and in some versions it's not even possible. To change the structure of the menu you can have a look at /usr/share/lxlauncher/launcher.menu and the icons are based on the ones found in /usr/share/applications. If you want to change some application specific stuff but only for one user you can copy it over to ~/.local/share/applications and make changes to it there

Example of typical content for /usr/share/lxlauncher/launcher.menu

Example of typical contents for the files in ~/.local/share/applications

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