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Developer Hong Jen Yee (PCMan), Jürgen Hötzel
Latest version 0.4.7 (from 21 Feb. 2016)
Genre Music Player
License GNU General Public License
Website lxde.org

LXMusic is the minimalist music player for LXDE. This is based on xmms2, which is lightweight and has server/client design. LXMusic has very few features, it can do nothing more than just playing a list of music files.


LXMusic 0.4.4

Main new features in this release

  • Use XMMS2 Collection API
  • Translation updates

LXMusic 0.4.5

Long Term

  • Connect to remote server (TCP/IP)
  • Edit medialib entries
  • Miller Columns
  • Internal Drag and Drop
  • Use own GObject Class for TreeModel
  • Optimize model-updates (row-changed signal is emitted for each single track loaded)

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