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Developer LXDE Team
Latest version (from September, 2008)
Genre Screen Manager
License GNU General Public License
Website lxde.org

LXRandr is the standard screen manager of LXDE. It manages screen resolution and external monitors. You can plug in another screen into LXDE or choose to use a big screen projector. Local screen and extenal screen can be used at the same time. LXRandR configures the screen solution automatically.

This is a very basic monitor config tool utilizing X RandR extension. It's a GUI frontend of the command line program xrandr. LXRandR can let you change the screen resolution on the fly. Besides, when you run lxrandr with external monitor connected, its GUI will change, and show you some quick options to get your projector working correctly.(This is quite common when you need to do a presentation by showing some slides.)

This tool doesn't aim to be a full xrandr frontend. It's utility for grandma, not for geeks. If you need the full power of X RandR extension, use xrandr (console) or grandr (GUI) and read some tutorials.

LXRandR only gives you some easy and quick options which are intuitive. It's very suitable for laptop users who frequently uses projectors or external monitor and just want to get their work done without reading a lot of "geek-centered" manuals or command line tutorials.


This application requires GTK+ version 2.6.x. Other dependencies include: xrandr 1.2, glib >= 2.14

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