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Developer Leafpad Team
Initial release 2004
Latest version 0.8.14
Release date and age 2008-05-18
Frequently updated yes
Programming language C
Platform Cross-platform, Unix-like
Status active
Genre Text Editor
License GNU General Public License
Website tarot.freeshell.org/leafpad

Leafpad is the standard text editor of LXDE. It is a simple, lightweight, fast GTK text editor for Unix systems with few dependencies on external libraries. It is an example of computing minimalism and features a fast, almost instantaneous startup time on most modern hardware. Recent versions support printing.


  • No tabs.
  • When a file is open in Leafpad, and you try to open it again, it will open in a new window with no warning. If one of the windows is saved, any changes that are saved in the other since opening are lost.

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