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LxPup is a version of Puppy Linux with the LXDE desktop environment being used instead of the more usual Puppy Linux JWM/Rox combination.

LxPup comes in various "flavours" depending upon which Puppy Linux has been used as the base. e.g. Slackware and Ubuntu flavours. Both 32-bit and (more experimental) 64-bit versions are available.

The LxPup Support Site is lx-pup.weebly.com [1].

LxPup downloads are hosted at SourceForge [2].

A YouTube introduction to LxPup is available [3].

PCManFM is the file manager. The panel manager in most flavours is LxPanelX. Openbox is the window manager.

pup-volume-monitor is a crucial piece of Puppy software that enables integrated device management with PCManFM.

Aspects of LXDE such as the trashcan, ftp remote access, recent documents and a run command are all present.

LxAppearance has been re-implemented in LxPup to integrate with the Puppy Linux facilities.

Samba remote access is available using Puppy tools that integrate with PCManFM.

LxPup combines all the significant advantages of Puppy Linux - small iso size, extensive hardware support, wide range of applications built-in, live cd and frugal installs, friendly supportive user forum etc etc, with the lightweight but modern LXDE desktop environment.