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There appears to be no official or coordinated LXDE development, A few efforts have been made though. Here are packages for Slackware:

  • Latest update: July 21 2008
  • Eric Hameleers' (Alien Bob's) packages: - Includes all the SlackBuilds so that you can see how they are built. The README explains what packages you need as a minimum (they are all in my repository) and how you can configure LXDE to be your default desktop environment in runlevel 3 (console login) as well as in runlevel 4 (graphical login). . Latest update: 15-Sep-2009s
  • Massimo Cavalleri's full set of LXDE packages with sources: (There is also experimental trash support for included pcmanfm 0.5.1). Latest update: Unknown

(updates last checked for the above packages Chriswaterguy 04:40, 26 February 2010 (UTC))