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Installing LXDE from source code

Can some one with the knowledge provide this? Interesting topics is

  • Where to get the code
  • What libraries is required - gtk+-2 at least.
  • Options
  • Careful walk through

Restart? Really?

Why are we being told "Restart your computer" as opposed to simply logging out?

Fedora or other RPM-based distro's

""" This method is likely to work on CentOS (yum), Fedora and Mandriva (urpmi) """

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... NOP !!!

For Fedora... ok, yes. Mandriva... Never installed that distro.

CentOS : There is no LXDE package for CentOS so this does NOT work.

There used to be a page [1] but it was deleted ???

This is what I'm trying right now: [2]