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It would be great if someone knowledgeable could elaborate on configuration - the config file lxterminal.conf consists of - I hope I put it right - three (uncommented) lines.

Thanks for considering and your time in advance. 21:21, 10 February 2009 (UTC)Sigrid

User:Guckes on 2011-01-25:
looks like we shall celebrate the second anniversary of this request soon.. :-/ so.. what about this terminal and its FILES then? would be nice to know which setup file you can use to tune this program. anybody got an updated manual or even a sample setup file to share with us? thanks! --Sven

User:Beansmyname on 2012-04-18:
looks like the third anniversary came and went with no fanfare. Sad.

I went looking for a way to configure LXTerminal and hoped to find some better info in the wiki myself. I only spent a few minutes with the source code, but it looks like these are the options that can be placed in XDG_CONFIG_DIR/lxterminal/lxterminal.conf:

fontname=NAME OF FONT bgcolor=#RGB in hex bgalpha=INTEGER between 0 and 65535 fgcolor=#RGB in hex disallowbold=true OR false cursorblinks=true OR false cursorunderline=true OR false audiblebell=true OR false tabpos=top OR bottom OR left OR right scrollback=INTEGER hidescrollbar=true OR false hidemenubar=true OR false hideclosebutton=true OR false selchars=STRING containing characters defining word boundaries disablef10=true OR false disablealt=true OR false

Most of the options are self-explanatory. I didn't find what I was hoping to find (width and height settings) but I hope this can help someone else.

colors in lxterminal

I have just recently switched to LXDE under Fedora 15, having finally gotten sick enough of Gnome (3, ugh!) to be driven to something else. I like it but really miss being able to set the foreground and background colors independently for each terminal on the screen (I could go back to xterm, but lxterminal is much nicer). I have hacked lxterminal.c NOT to look for another instance to manage and to take a configurable filename for the configuration file at compilation; then produce an independently named executable. This works but is a REALLY filthy hack. What would be cool is to allow a configuration filename as a parameter, the presence of which would either do what I did or, better, just use that file to set the colors, fonts, etc, for that instance if that is possible.