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Co-founder of Appropedia, the wiki for sustainability and international development.

I manage the Appropedia and Twitter accounts - emphasizing interesting facts links and connections, and minimizing chatter.

I believe in the power of open source and open content.

I believe Linux needs to be better documented - and this is something I can actually help with, unlike the coding. Open licenses on Linux forums and mailing lists!

I'd also rather use one big Linux wiki (at least until someone works out a way of federating wikis), but there isn't a clear leader. When I have a question or contribution about the LXDE desktop in Mandriva on my ThinkPad, do I go to the LXDE wiki, the Mandriva wiki, or ThinkWiki? In a big Linux wiki, most of the redlinks on this page would not be redlinks.

Fast and light Linux for the developing world (and everyone else)

I am very interested in lightweight but newbie friendly distros, for the sake of sustainability and for ICT4D (ICT for Development). I love that I can have LXDE on Mandriva, and still revert to GNOME if I need. Trying out LXDE for the first time right now.