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Henrique P. Machado

Who am I?

Henrique P. Machado, Brazilian, currently living at State of S. Paulo. An Accountant in love with FOSS translation and some programming. My involvement with Linux started in 2002 and my work as translator started in 2008 working for Ubuntu Linux, translating it into Brazilian Portuguese and after for GNOME.

Web Presence

Blog: (pt_BR)

Involvement with FOSS

  • Contributor to the GNOME Brazilian Translators Team (pt_BR)
  • Contributor to the Ubuntu Brazilian Translators Team (pt_BR)
  • Contributor to the LXDE Translation Team (pt_BR)

Contact me

  • Wiki: ZehRique
  • IRC: ZehRique on network,,
  • Jabber: zehrique AT gmail DOT com
  • Twitter:
  • OpenPGP keys: 0CE49BAA