Downloading Rhode Island Divorce Records

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Marriage is supposed to be something that would last forever, and that is the reason why the effects of marriage are made binding upon the whole world, but one must recognize the fact that sometimes, marriage just does not work, and when that happens, it would be better for the married couple to just go their separate ways and live their lives away from each other. It, however, is not as easy as it sounds, for marriage is something that had involved the government, therefore, the dissolution of the same should also involve the government, hence, the reason for divorce. The records that come with the divorce proceedings are what are known as divorce records, and an example of the same would be Rhode Island Divorce Records.

These records are some of the most requested for records from the government owing to the fact that these records are the official records of the government in regards to the fact of the divorce of the couple named in the same. together with the divorce would come the restoration of some rights and privileges that had been taken from the married couple by the fact of their marriage, and one of those rights would be the right to get married to another person who is not his or her spouse. This is the reason why these records are often being requested from the person who is already married but who would claim that the marriage is no longer in existence.

The mere fact that these records exists is taken as prima facie evidence that the divorce was granted and that the same was valid. This means that there is actually no need for anyone to present the actual records, only a certification for the existence of the records, and this makes proving the divorce easier given that the actual records are actually not public records that could only be requested by a certain number of people who are included in an exclusive list. The records are given the presumption of regularity which would extend to the certification of the records, hence, there is no need to prove that the contents of the records are accurate, but there would still be the need to prove that the records were obtained from the proper sources.

A proper source of the record would be the state level office where the procedure for making the request would be to make the request through the mail. It msut be noted that requests made at the state level take longer, not only because of the procedure that would be used, but also because of the fact that there are a lot of records at this level that would have to be checked. Still, a request at this level would be more complete owing to the fact that they have records from all over the state, as compared to a request at the local level that would only have records for divorces granted within their jurisdiction.

Divorce Records Rhode Island could also be requested for online through the use of online databases. These online databases could provide the information faster and cheaper, but note that because they are not official sources, their information are not under the scope of the presumption of regularity.