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In the most recent data gathered by U.S. Census Bureau, the state of California has one of the highest population records with about 37, 000, 000 inhabitants in the United States of America. It was said to have increased by 10% between 2000 and 2010. Divorce cases and legal separation may be high in California but to date, there are no exact numbers of such cases to convey. Supported with the Freedom of Information Act, California Divorce Records are filed and taken care of at the California Department of Public Health, Vital Records office.

There are instances where significant documents such as California Divorce Records can be made as supporting files for any legal purposes. Hence, it is very important that the database where the said documents are stored must contain recent details. The CDPH Vital Records Office has only kept such mentioned documents filed between 1962 and June 1984. The true copies for divorce decrees can only be obtained at the Supreme Court of the county where such divorce occurred. In which case, the processing time of such requested file takes more than 20 weeks or six months that needs a lot of waiting. As of today, the office can only provide Certificate of Records for divorce which mentions the name of the husband and wife, date of filing, place of the divorce and the case number of the legal separation.

You can mail your requested copy of legal separation papers at California Department of Public Health specifically the office of Vital Records ? MS 5103. The office is located at Sacramento Street of California with a postal office box number 997410. It is important to include the extended zip code (ZIP+4) of the state which is 95899-7410 in mailing your request.

In obtaining California Divorce Records from the CDPH, there is a copy fee of $13 for each document payable to the said office. The requester needs to supplement all needed information in the application form to receive the files. As of today, there are two kinds of copies which can be requested from the Vital Office of CDPH. These are certified authorized copy and the other is certified informational copy. The two copies are said to be certified copies of the original document filed in the office. Obtaining authorized copy needs to present a notarized sworn statement allowing the authorized person to receive such records. Informational copy need not to have any authorization and can be requested by anyone who are not eligible to obtain the file.

There is a lot of easy access to have updates about California Divorce Records. With the use of the modern facilities, there is great convenience to acquire these mentioned files anywhere and at any time. If in case you are already divorced from any county of California, searching online will be a big help for you to have copies of these sorts of legal documents. There are free trial versions of online searching for such documents in which you can avail for any updates and records in a matter of minutes.

There is an easy access of online research with the help of the modern society. Obtaining California Divorce Records can now be available at any ample time. It is essential to have the database system where the files are stored to be updated.