Finding District Of Columbia Divorce Records

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No matter what your reason is, there?s no need to fret or worry because getting hold of public records is now easy, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. In the nation?s capital - Washington ? for example, requests for access to District of Columbia divorce records is coursed through the DC Superior Court.

The records kept by the District of Columbia Superior Court include those of divorces that were granted on September 16, 1956. As part of the process, you will need to submit an application form that includes the basic details of the record you are looking for. Be prepared to give out your full name (and your ex-spouse?s), along with the county where the divorce was given. You also have to pay a fee of $6.50 for each record you ask for.

For divorce records that were filed before September 16, 1956, however, the DC Superior Court is not the right office to go to. You will need to put in your request via the US District Court for the District of Columbia. File your application through the Clerk of Court. You?ll need to submit your application form and pay the required fee. The amount will vary.

The divorce record contains information that can be useful to you, if not now, then in the future. You?ll find details about the place or location where the divorce was granted, along with important date regarding custody records and the alimony you and your former husband agreed upon. You can use these information for completing government applications and legal requirements, and even when it?s time to finally apply for remarriage. But since you?ll be dealing with government and state institutions, you may have to wait for several days (or weeks) before the record you need is given to you. So this process will not sit well with you if you need the record immediately. You?ll have to find a better, faster, and more efficient alternative.

This is where independent online record providers come in. With their comprehensive database, you won?t have a difficult time finding the record you want, anytime you need to. All that you have to do is enter the details of the record you need into the search box and in a matter of minutes, you?ll get the record you need. No need to wait for days or weeks! This database is available for your access 24/7.

So if you really want to know where to find divorce records in DC in the fastest time possible, and in the most efficient way you can imagine, go with online record providers. They do not only offer you speedy solutions to your public records needs, they also have the most practical answers to your queries. Unlike the government and state offices, you will not be required to pat for every request you make. There?s a small fee, but you pay it once only ? not everytime you need a record. In addition to this, you also get to enjoy unlimited access to their database. What this means is that you?ll get free access to all the public records you need, anytime of the day ? without having to pay again and again. What will seal the deal for you is the fact that everything can be done in your own home!