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The Freedom of Information Act has mandated the local government of each state to allow their local residents to access public document. Michigan is one of the states that implement such law. Michigan public records can be accessed by the people of the state whenever they need it.

Michigan public records are grouped into two: family files and criminal records. The documents that are used and required in dealing with government transactions and request are family relate documents. These are the birth, marriage, death and divorce documents. These records are given to the individual as a certificate which is used anytime.

Police records, arrest, and criminal files are among the types of criminal records. These files would contain information about the crimes committed by a certain individual. Most of these files are used when checking out the criminal history of an individual. This is usually done by employers. Also, these files are used by local authorities in their investigation to solve a particular case.

There are several guidelines that one has to follow in order to get a copy of the needed files without any problems. For personal files or family documents, one should be able to provide the date when the event took place. In order to obtain criminal records, one has to have a valid reason for requesting such file and should be providing their personal information to the attending staff. Different files obtained from different counties would have different processing fees. Family related documents do not go beyond $30. One should expect the processing fee for criminal records may be higher than the family documents. Also, it is necessary that one is aware of the time it would take to get a copy of a certain document.

It can help if one knows where to obtain a certain file. The office of the Vital Statistics manages the family records of Michigan while the office of the Bureau of Corrections of the Department of Justice houses all crime related files. Public documents of Michigan can also be requested at the county office. One can seek help from the county clerk office for family related files, while the county court house can give you information about a criminal record. If going to any office is too much, one can go online and do the search from there.

The Internet is now being utilized by many to deliver information to the general public. With this, one can do a public records search online. This method is far more convenient and easy than any other methods there is. Also, there is no need to wait for days to get the requested file since it can be obtained after sending the online request.