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Arrest records are documents that contain a brief summary of the events that happened during an incident involving the law. If a person has an arrest record, it doesn?t necessarily mean that he/ she has a criminal charge. It only means that he/ she was involved in such an incident. For Santa Cruz County residents, Santa Cruz county arrest records may be obtained from the Santa Cruz Police Department and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff?s Office.

Arrest records contain information about the incident ? where it happened, who the respondents were, and of course, information about the person arrested as well as the victim?s. Arrest records are considered public information and are made available to the public as required by law. However, law enforcement agencies may withhold some information from the public, such as the victim?s information for his/ her safety, some information on juvenile cases, and those cases where the release of the information may jeopardize an on-going investigation.

It is not unusual for one to request for a copy of his/ her arrest record or report especially, if he/ she is involved in the incident. The general public may also want to review the arrest records of certain individuals they have to deal with. Such is the case for recruiters and companies doing background checks for new job candidates. A background check is the most common reason for the request for such information. A bank may perform a background check on a loan applicant. A landlord may perform a background check on a new tenant. The public request for this information is almost always geared towards the protection of public safety.

Santa Cruz County Arrest Records and other California Arrest Records are available online. With the technology available today, it is very easy to search for such public records. The Santa Cruz County Office of the Sheriff has an official website offering public arrest information. But a number of free public websites and databases offer such service, as well. To request for an official copy, however, one must visit the respective agency to file for a request.

Besides arrest records, the website also offers information on jail bookings. The searcher simply clicks on the Jail Inmate Locator link which is available from the Sheriff?s website. One must have Microsoft Silverlight installed in order to search for the inmates currently in the Jail facility. There is also a crime statistics link to view the crime activities happening in the county per area. For criminal records, the website will direct the searcher to The Criminal Division website. The Criminal Division has jurisdiction over felonies, misdemeanors, and some infractions.

For a quick search, a Santa Cruz County Arrest log is available at the Sheriff?s website. It contains a report of arrest incidents in the past 10 days. The public arrest report contains booking number, case number; charges filed, arrested person?s basic info as well as bonds and released date. For records no longer in the site, one must contact the Sheriff office Records Division.