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Are you in search of someone, whether living or dead? If so, then Texas Birth Records are a great place to start. This information contains much more than a person?s name and the place and date of birth. It also uncovers the names of his or her parents and other relevant specifics concerning the person. Hence, it?s a vital data for one?s genealogy, as well as in finding someone who?s missing.

In every state, keeping birth certificates or records is considered as an essential task to do. In the state of Texas, it falls under the management of the Bureau of Vital Statistics of the Texas Department of Health. This agency is situated in Austin, Texas. This is where records on births that were filed since 1903 are stored for public consumption. Every duplicate of this account is given for a certain fee which can be paid by check, money order or personal check.

In adherence to the Texas Law, copies of birth certificates are deemed confidential for fifty years since the time the event occurred. Within that given time frame, the information is only provided to the registrant, immediate family members either by blood or marriage, guardians or legal representatives. A couple of similar records dated 1903-1910 can be found at the County Clerk?s Office in the county in question.

Basic requirements in ordering for this information include the name of the person named on the certificate, time and location of birth, his parent?s full name, your relationship to the subject, purpose for requesting, your phone number, mailing address, signature and a copy of a photo ID. Pre-1903 files can be accessed either at the Texas State Archives or the County Clerk?s Office.

Nowadays, people search for this information for a wide range of reasons. It is necessary to acquire a passport, get a driver?s license, go to school and many more. This document is likewise used to prove one?s identity. For instance, if a certain situation calls for you to prove that you were born in the United States, then having this file on hand is of huge help. It can also be used to trace your loved ones.

With the development in the Internet these days, running a Birth Records Search is extremely hassle-free and instant. Searching online is undoubtedly more favorable than the old ways since it?s low-cost, private, convenient and efficient. Free services are available, too, but paid service providers are more advantageous since they offer comprehensive and authentic results in a matter of minutes only.