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Completa integrazione di LXDE

  • Creare maggiore integrazine tra i vari componenti, quando eseguiti insieme.
  • Fornire un meccanismo di impostazione delle applicazioni preferite (browser web, terminale, posta elettronica)
  • Try to override some commands like gnome-open under LXDE to get rid of some problems

PCManFM (file manager)

  • Gestione del cestino, ora assente (priorità maggiore)
  • Supporto samba, ftp, sftp, ... via FUSE (attualmente in sviluppo, ma necessitano aiuti)
  • Rendere le icone sul desktop mobili (attualmente in sviluppo)
  • Customizable file actions (Adding popup menu items for specific mime-types)
  • Automount for volumes
  • Make preference dialog callable via command line.
  • Support changing wallpaper via command line.
  • Support RTL layout for desktop icons
  • Mouse gesture (A friend is trying to work on this)
  • Try to separate the folder view from PtkFileBrowser class for better use and extension (For example, dual-pane mode). (low priority)
  • POSIX ACL with libacl (low priority)
  • Implement filter bar like in Dolphin

PCManFM roadmap with technical details

LXPanel (desktop panel)

  • Better support for customizing text colors
  • Better UI for adding application quick launch buttons.
  • Improve the start menu.

LXPanel roadmap with technical details

LXLauncher (easy-mode application launcher)

  • Basic theme support
  • Better application grouping rules

LXLauncher roadmap with technical details

LXTerminal (terminal emulator)

Is it possible to develop a lightweight terminal emulator based-on Scintilla editor widget?


This is the core of the famous SciTE editor which supports UTF-8 and has good performance.

LXSession (session manager)

  • Allow shutdown/reboot with sudo when HAL is not available.
  • Make config files of LXSession and LXSession Lite compatible.

LXNM (network helper daemon)

Screen Saver

  • Hack gnome-screensaver and to remove all gnome dependencies.
  • This won't be difficult since gnome-screensaver only uses minimal gnome APIs, but it does require dbus.
  • gnome dependencies in gnome-screensaver:
    • libgnomeui: only used for gnome_bg_*
    • gconf: can be replaced with GKeyFile.
    • libgnomekbd: can be turned off with configure option.
    • dbus interfaces: need to be renamed with 'gnome' removed from their names.
    • reference of gnome-desktop package should be removed from configure.ac.
    • fast user switching support requires gdm, though.

Feature requests

  • tools to easily setup/change apps.desktop shortcut
  • create apps.desktop by right click on desktop > create new > shortcut.
  • lxpanel hiding (autohiding) feature
  • ability to customize all fonts used in LXDE, for accessibility.
  • applets to configure the screen resolution. (it's unthinkable to have a DE without a screen resolution changer)
  • separate desktop icons handling from PCManFM (i.e. instead of one application there would be two).
  • add option in lxterminal to remove scroll bar and menu bar
  • tool for making screenshots in easy way.
  • annoint Geany as LXIDE