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Pootle, le basi

Pootle (PO-based Online Translation / Localization Engine) sta per motore per la traduzione/localizzazione online basata su file .po. È un modo veloce a di facile utilizzo per tradurre nell'ambiente GNU Get Text. LXDE usa i file PO per la localizzazione dell'interfaccia utente. La pagine web ufficiale è http://translate.sourceforge.net e contiene ogni tipo di documento circa il progetto.


LXDE has only endorsed the use of submitting translation efforts via the Sourceforge tracker and the translations mailing list. The pootle setup is a private initiative to get things going and might be a endorsed part of the LXDE project in the future. Some of the core persons of LXDE are however administrators of the service. It can not be stressed too much that this is a test and we really hope that it is a well prepared effort.

The hardware is donated by Blekinge student union (https://www.bthstudent.se), Blekinge Institute of Technology (http://www.bth.se) and the Internet connection is provided by the Blekinge student network (http://www.bsnet.se). The machine is supported by the student union infrastructure team. Big thanks to all involved!

Crash course

This guide is not intended to be a complete lesson in all parts and features of Pootle. It is here to make you going with the interface and start the translation effort.


0. Point a web browser to http://pootle.lxde.bsnet.se.
1. Check that your language exists, otherwise contact the administrator(s) (see below)
2. Create an account and make sure it is activated and you can login.
3. Get proper priviliges to "your" language.

  • Click My Account
  • Click Change options
  • Select LXDE in My Projects, click Save changes at the bottom of the page.
  • Select your language(s) in the multi select box, click save changes at the bottom of the page.
  • Contact an administrator to get added to the language. There must be at least one "maintainer" for each language to submit the translations. All visitors can suggest strings, those have to be reviewed (more on this matter) before they get added. Remeber this! It's important.

4. All set, read on for the real stuff.

The workflow

This is the some what illustrated guide to get started doing translations via http://pootle.lxde.bsnet.se.

Get an account

At the top right corner, click "Register" and fill the form out. Wait for the activation e-mail and click the link to activate your account. Get privliges (as stated above), then continue on in this guide.

LXDE project

At the main page you could either choose "LXDE" under the projects menu and then your language. Your choose language and then the LXDE project. Either will end you up in the same view.

Pootle main.png

The project overview, choose your language:

Pootle main lxde.png

An example of a started but not completed translation effort (this is for French).

Pootle french logged in.png

  • Name - The name of the file
  • Translated - Number of words translated
  • Fuzzy - Number of words marked as "fuzzy", could be a translation that is not too accurate or the English counter part has changed recently.
  • Untranslated - Number of words not translated yet.
  • Graph - A graphical representation of how much works i done. Green is translated, Red is untranslated and Grey is fuzzy. (lxlauncher.po is a good example in the picture above)

Edit mode

Click the filename to start edit the translation of the file.

Pootle french edit button.png

Hover a string to start translate it.

Editing a string marked as Fuzzy:

Pootle french edit mode fuzzy.png

Editing a string marked as Translated:

Pootle french edit mode normal.png

Editing a string marked as Untranslated:

Pootle french edit mode empty.png

  • Some translation efforts use a review period before sending the translation to the repository, for this use the button marked Suggest.
  • To send the translation to the repository click the button marked Submit (it only shows if you have privileges in the current language that's why it is missing in this guide as I only have save access in Swedish =)).
  • The back and skip buttons will jump to the previous/next translatable string.
  • Mark the checkbox next to Fuzzy to make the translation appear as "half done", these strings will NOT be used when the program runs at the users' environment. This is a major issue, a translation effort is not complete if any fuzzy strings are not cleared.

Edit the po files with some other program

As described in the Translation guide you could use POEdit, Kbabel or some other PO editor to make your translation effort, this can still be done with Pootle. Use the link Show Editing Functions at the overview to get to this screen:

Pootle french fast access.png

You can download all the files as a zip by clicking the link in the header. If you only want to download some of the files use the link "PO file" next to the file of choice. To reupload the file after editing you must have the correct priviliges, make sure that you have the form in the top right corner. You are advised to use merge and not overwrite.

Who to contact

  • Martin Bagge (brother@bsnet.se) is the main administrator of the Pootle server.
    • Issues with the activation of accounts, and all other stuff is his first attention.
    • brother@jabber.org for jabber/gtalk
    • brother- in #lxde @ irc.oftc.org
    • Martin is based in Lund, Sweden and thus follows CET (UTC+1).
  • Christoph Wickert is an Pootle administrator and can add priviliges and do tasks via the web interface.
  • Mario Behling (mb@lxde.org) is an Pootle administrator and can add priviliges and do tasks via the web interface.
    • Mario is based in Singapore and follows SST (UTC+8)
  • Og Maciel (ogmaciel@gnome.org) is an Pootle administrator and can add priviliges and do tasks via the web interface.
    • Og is based in the USA and follows ET (UTC-5)
  • The translation mailing list (translation@mailinglist.lxde.org).
    • The mailing list can be used for all issues with the Pootle, if you have generic how do I do this or that it is always a good idea to post it to the mailing list for others to see. Special cases of issues listed above are welcome at the list too but could be directed to the apropriate person directly.
  • The IRC channel #lxde at irc.oftc.net
    • As always IRC is a good source for help. Be patitient, the correct people is not always at hand to answer your question.