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Welcome to the LXDE Wiki
LXDE is a faster and less resource hungry
free and open source desktop environment.
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Developer The LXDE Team
First released 2006
Latest preview version
Release date and age 2008-04-20
Frequently updated yes
Programming language C, GTK+
Platform Cross-platform (Linux, BSD)
Language Multilingual (more than 35 different languages)
Status active
Genre Desktop environment
License GNU General Public License, LGPL
Website lxde.org
Download download.lxde.org

LXDE는 Linux 또는 BSD 같은 유닉스 및 기타 플랫폼을 위한 자유 데스크톱 환경이다. LXDE는 "Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment"의 약자이다. LXDE는 특히 노트북 및 소규모 컴퓨터와 같은 새로운 세대의 장비의 사양이 낮은 하드웨어 컴퓨터에 설계되었다. LXDE는 에너지를 절약하고 신속한 데스크톱 솔루션이다. LXDE 는 우분투나 데비안 같은 서로다른 분류의 리눅스를 만들수 있다. 따라서 LXDE는 이러한 시스템에서 실행되는 응용프로그램을 실행할수 있도록 한다. LXDE는 인텔 아키텍처 또는 MIPS 포함한 이미 많은 컴퓨터 프로세서 아키텍처를 지원한다.

LXDE 팀은 또한 휴대전화와 같은 임베디드 장치의 데스크톱 환경에 대한 다른 하드웨어 아키텍처를 계획하고 있다.

A good starting point is the General Information page, where you find information on system requirements and compatibility. You also find an overview of distributions including LXDE with installation instructions, information on LXDE components and our future plans on the wiki. More about LXDE on the lxde.org website, the LXDE blogs, and in the LXDE forum.

LXDE Components

  • PCManFM, 드래그와 드롭 기능과 탭기능(파이어폭스처럼)을 지원하는 빠르고 가벼운 파일 관리자입니다. 파일 탐색기능이 있으며 상당히 많은 양의 디렉토리도 빠르게 불러올 수 있습니다. 파일 형식에 따라 클릭하면 실행되는 기능도 지원하며 그림 화일 미리보기 등 여러가지 기능이 있습니다.
  • LXLauncher, easy-mode application launcher
  • LXPanel, desktop panel, The panel can generate menu for installed applications automatically from *.desktop files. It can be configured from GUI preference dialog, and there is no need to edit config files. The component provides a "Run" dialog with autocompletion.
  • LXSession, session manager, The LXSession manager is used to automatically start a set of applications and set up a working desktop environment. Moreover, the session manager is able to remembers the applications in use when a user logs out and to restart them the next time the user logs in.
  • LXAppearance, theme switcher. You can change the theme, icons, and fonts used by applications easily.
  • Leafpad, 메모장
  • Xarchiver, 압축프로그램
  • GPicView, 빠른 그림 보기 프로그램
  • LXTerminal, LX 터미널창
  • LXTask, 작업 관리자 / system monitor
  • LXNM, lightweight network connection helper daemon for LXDE supporting wireless connections (Linux-only)
  • Openbox, 창 꾸미기 관리자
  • LXRandr, screen manager, manages screen resolution and external monitors

How to join the LXDE team

  1. Subscribe our mailing list.
  2. Join our irc channel on irc://irc.oftc.net/lxde for online discussion.
  3. Help debugging/testing
  4. Writing wiki/docs
  5. Packaging for various distros, and make lxde included in official repos of them.
  6. Write some programs for LXDE

LXDE Design Principles / Guidelines

  • If only several simple APIs of another big library are needed, try to extract them and add them to your program instead of depending on the whole library whenever possible. (Beware of license)
  • Only use libraries from other desktops when they are small or efficient enough and have few dependencies.
  • Only create a daemon if there is a really good reason.
  • Basic configuration options of applications should be editable via GUI whenever possible.
  • Keep the user interface simple and intuitive. Never design some geek-style GUI.
  • Consider the conventions of both GNOME and Windows, and try to follow the habit of most users. Do not deliberately make the GUI quite different only because you want to be different from Windows. Usability is always the top one concern. Windows might not be good in some areas, but like it or not, most computer users in the world get used to it. Trying to fight your users is apparently unwise.
  • Try to shorten the startup time since this greatly affect user experience.
  • Try to keep maximal compatibility with lower gtk+ versions (gtk+ 2.6 is preferred). Try to make features requiring higher gtk+ versions optional with proper conditional compilation and compatibility macros.Gtk+ version can be check in C program like this:
#if GTK_CHECK_VERSION( 2, 10, 0 )
    /* write some gtk+ 2.10+ specific stuff here */


Please check out the LXDE source code from our subversion repository at sourceforge

 svn co https://lxde.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/lxde/trunk/ lxde
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