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Crap - I've made another similar template because I didn't see that one here and thought we're missing one...

I'm gonna try and similarise the two...

One thing I did differently and I would like discuss to change in this template here: I think some of the information here is quite pointless:

"active" - would it be used for LXDE if it wasn't?..
Frequently updated
"yes" - quite similar to above, I think
they wouldn't be components of LXDE if they don't run on the same systems as LXDE, wouldn't they? so it should be pretty much the same for all components...
Programming language
"C" - isn't that the case for all LXDE components?
seems kinda implicit with LXDE - pretty much every component of LXDE supports multiple languages - doesn't it?

I propose to refrain from crowding the box with those fields and even propose to remove them from the template...