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This is the coordination page for the LXDE Translation Project. LXDE is an international project. It is our aim to give access to information to people with less powerful hardware. Many people did not have the opportunity to learn English or another second language. Let us make LXDE available in their language, so everyone can profit from the speed and easy to use features of LXDE! We also want to offer documentation and resources around LXDE in as many local languages as possible.


You are interested to participate in the translation project? Please add your name, locale used, and info here. (in alphabetic order)


To gather people an resources and enable better communication we have set up the some communication channels:

  1. A Forum for the LXDE Translation Project
  2. A Mailinglist for the LXDE Translation Project
  3. Put translations for the LXDE main project in the tracker at
  4. Put translations for PCMan File Manager in the tracker at
  5. Please join us also in the LXDE contributors channel at #lxde

How to start

Wiki: A good way to start joining the LXDE Translation project is to start translating the LXDE Wiki. If you know how to make translations for LXDE components, just feel free to do it otherwise please see below links to how tos.

Components: For translating LXDE components itself there are two ways. One is the offline translation of language files, so called po-files. Two is the online translation, that we currently offer with Pootle here:

Guideline: Translation Guidelines are intended to make it easier for translators to cooperate and to follow a standardized workflow. (Guidelines set up in progress)

How to translate

Here are how to´s for new translators of the LXDE project.

Note: Terms must be unified between components, having several meanings for the same thing depending on the file being edited is simply unacceptable for a good quality translation. A glossary would be a good pactice. Also, capitalization should be avoided whenever possible.



As a contributor or supporter, please identify yourself as an LXDE user and give kudos to developers and contributors at Ohloh:


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