Como ter pastas, arquivos e ícones de lançadores na área de trabalho

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How to have both folders and files (pcmanfm) and icon launchers (lxlauncher) on your desktop?

There is currently not a defined way for merging both functionalites at the same time. A tricky way for doing that is via wmswallow and openbox's dock.

Wmswallow ( ) is a little app that simply allows to send any application window to the dock. It is necessary to compile it, but DON'T PANIC it's so easy, just untar the source package, type "make xfree" (see instructions for info) and copy wmswallow to anywhere accessible as /usr/bin

It can be used now with pcmanfm or with lxlauncher with something like this in autostart:


@pcmanfm -d

@wmswallow -geometry 700x480 pcmanfm


@wmswallow -geometry 700x480 lxlauncher

Now there is lxlauncher managing the desktop's background and it is also possible to make appear pcmanfm's desktop icons just moving the mouse to the right margin of the desktop.

Wmswallow and openbox's dock can also be used together to make lxpanel able to autohide, make a kuake-like terminal and many other usability improvements.

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