Guia de instalacao do LXDE por PCMAN

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In forums of various Linux distros, you can see many discussions about LXDE. There are many frequently asked questions, but many of the anwsers provided on the forums are incorrect. So I'm going to write a complete setup guide for the community to save some time.

By default, LXDE should be available in your gdm menu after correct installation.

Use LXSession Edit to turn on important services

Unfortunately some useful desktop services are turned off in LXDE by default. So you might need to turn them on manually in LXDE. Please execute 'lxsession-edit' or find 'Desktop Session Settings' in the application menu. Please complain to the developers of the distro you use and asked them to enable those services, such as network manager, in LXDE.


As you can see, network manager, pulse audio, and others can all be turned on here.


After login, the first issue you'll encounter is 'how to connect to the internet'?

  • Network manager: Actually, network manager works pretty well under LXDE. You just need to turn it on since it's deliberately disabled in LXDE by some distros. Use LXSession Edit to turn it on.
  • wicd: Many users prefer this over network manager. However it's less user-friendly and it's written in Python. So you'll need python runtime to use it.
  • connman: The network management tool from Intel. I have tested it but it doesn't work on my laptop.
  • lxnm: It's currently broken. Don't use it until Fred fixes it.
  • Other distro-specific ways: Read the 'fine' manuals for your distros.

(To be continued...)