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Строка 1: Строка 1:
{| class="infobox" cellspacing="4" cellpadding="1" style="float:right; width:20em; font-size:90%; text-align:left; border:thin solid grey; margin:1em; background:ghostwhite;"
| colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"| <b>{{{name|{{{COMPONENT|{{PAGENAME}}}}}}}}</b>
{{#if: {{{image|{{{Image|}}}}}} |{{!}}-
{{!}} colspan="2" style="text-align:center;"{{!}} [[Image:{{{image|{{{Image}}}}}}{{!}}center{{!}}250px{{#if: {{{image description|}}}|{{!}}{{{image description}}} }}]] }}{{#if: {{{image description|}}}|<div>{{{image description}}}</div>}}
| style="width:30%" | '''Developer'''
| {{{developer|{{{Developer}}}}}}
| '''Latest version'''
| {{{version|{{{Latest version}}}}}} {{#if: {{{date|}}} | (from {{{date}}})}}{{#if: {{{Release date and age|}}}|
{{!}} '''Release date and age'''
{{!}} {{{Release date and age}}} }}{{#if: {{{birth|}}}|
{{!}} '''First released'''
{{!}} {{{birth}}} }}{{#if: {{{Frequently updated|}}}|
{{!}} '''Frequently updated'''
{{!}} {{{Frequently updated}}} }}{{#if: {{{Programming language|}}}|
{{!}} '''Programming language'''
{{!}} {{{Programming language}}} }}{{#if: {{{Platform|}}}|
{{!}} '''Platform'''
{{!}} {{{Platform}}} }}{{#if: {{{Status|}}}|
{{!}} '''Status'''
{{!}} {{{Status}}} }}
{{!}} '''Genre'''
{{!}} {{{genre|{{{genre}}}}}}
{{!}} '''License'''
{{!}} {{{license|{{{License}}}}}}
| '''Website'''
| {{{website|}}}{{#if: {{{Download|}}}|
{{!}} '''Download'''
{{!}} [{{{Download}}} Sourcecode] }}
== [[Syntax]] ==
Copy this into your article and leave those sections blank, that you don't need!<br />
Required Fields are written in CAPITAL LETTERS.
{{Infobox component|
|image description=
|developer= LXDE Team
; name: Name of the package as it appears on the page, e.g. "LXLauncher"
; image: Image file with extension, e.g. "LXlauncher.png"
; image description: description for above image, e. g. for important background information and for vision impaired persons
; developer: Set to LXDE Team be default
; version: latest (stable) version
; date: Date in format YYYY-MM-DD
; birth: give the date (and maybe version) of the initial release<!--
; Platform: set to "Cross-platform, Unix-like" by default"
; Status: set to "active" by default -->
; genre: Type or the application, e.g. "Desktop Launcher", "File Manager", "Terminal Emulator" etc.
; license: License of the component, e.g. "GNU General Public License"
; Download: Download link to sourceforge. Use the link that leads to all releases of the component.
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