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Install LXDE with prt-get

Most of LXDE ports are available in "lxde" (3rd party) repository, rest of them and their dependencies can be found in core/opt/xorg/contrib collections (no other (than lxde) third party collections required). Here are the steps to install lxde on crux:

step 1: configuring prt-get

  1. Download lxde.httpup file:
  2. Copy lxde.httpup file to /etc/ports,
  3. Edit prt-get.conf, and add
    prtdir /usr/ports/lxde
    where appropriate, also enable "runscripts"(IMPORTANT!)
    runscripts yes
    if you (because of some unknown causes, of which I don't understand) do not want to enable this option you still can enable them by passing --install-scripts to prt-get via command line.
    NOTE: lxde repository does not need to be listed above core/opt/xorg/contrib, but preferably it should be listed above gnome/kde/xfce/(3rd party repos).
  4. Run: ports -u to update ports tree and fetch lxde ports,

step 2: installing LXDE

From now on you have got three choices:
WARNING: It's not bad idea to install and configure X server before installing lxde, also sound server preferably.

  1. Install lxde ports that you want by hand ie.
    prt-get depinst lxlauncher lxterminal
    to see all ports available in lxde collection use:
    ports -l | sed -n 's|^lxde/||p'
  2. Install lxde from one of two metaports:
    1. lxde (recommended):
      prt-get depinst lxde
      Installs most of lxde components.
    2. lxde-lite:
      prt-get depinst lxde-lite
      Installs "barebone" lxde, the most BASICS components ;].

NOTICE: For list of components refer to that wiki page:

step 3: configuring login managers

Configuring process is similar to other distros, as far LXDE is supposed to be lightweight I advice booting it via slim or startx.

  1. KDM or GDM: should work out of box
  2. slim: edit your ~/.xinitrc file and add
    exec startlxde
    to the bottom ev. edit /etc/slim.conf to your likening. Add slim to SERVICES in rc.conf
  3. startx: edit ~/.xinitrc file as shown above, start via command line or inittab or rc.local.
  4. add here another login managers if you know them


download link in port xxx is broken

Fix it by yourself and let me know (in that order) (contact at the bottom of that wiki page).

I get footprint mismatch in port xxx

Most likely it will happen some day ;], usually it's nothing terrible, footprint mismatch like:

=======> ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:
MISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/lxpanel/plugins/
NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/lxpanel/plugins/
=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/lxde/lxpanel/lxpanel#' failed.

will happen because you don't have alsa installed, which concludes to point that there is many software configurations and it's not always easy to track it. If you think you have found something serious contact me (contact at the bottom of that wiki page).

I can't type anything in lxterminal

That's probably because lxterminal does not know which shell you are using, setup your shell via chsh command ie.
chsh -s /bin/bash user

some applications are not listed in the menu

No f....g idea, I used dmenu too long (I'm not used to graphical menus) and never really messed with that problem, if you know the solution put it here.

my problem is not listed here

Contact me aka "maintainer of the lxde ports" (contact at the bottom of that wiki page).

contact maintainer

In case of any troubles with lxde crux ports, suggestions, advices, constructive criticism, contact me: