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Current Status of LXDE in Fedora

LXDE is available for Fedora 8 and greater. In Fedora 10 it has become an official feature and we are working on an LXDE based spin called Fedora Lite.


Fedora 8 + 9

Install LXDE with

yum install lxde-common

This will install the LXDE core components: lxde-common, lxpanel, lxsession, pcmanfm and openbox. You might also want to install additional applications:

yum install gpicview leafpad lxappearance lxtask lxterminal xarchiver

Fedora >= 10

In Fedora 10 it even more simple to install LXDE:

yum groupinstall lxde-desktop

Configuring Login Managers

For GDM, KDM and XDM no manual configuration is needed, /etc/X11/prefdm will automatically start the correct display manager. If you do however wish to specify a certain display manager independent of the desktop environment, you can do so in /etc/sysconfig/desktop:



Just select LXDE from the available sessions listed by the display manager. If you don't see LXDE, restart your gdm or kdm, or reboot.


In Fedora, slim may be called through a wrapper, slim-dynwm, which determines the available window managers using the freedesktop information and modifies the slim configuration file accordingly, before launching slim. To use SLiM with Fedora, put the following in your /etc/sysconfig/desktop configuration:


To reboot or halt, login in as special username "reboot" or "halt" - using the root password. To get a console prompt use username "console", and to switch sessions use F1, screenshot F11.

Make LXDE the default Desktop

To use LXDE as the default desktop for new users, put the following in your /etc/sysconfig/desktop configuration:



For more information and screenshots visit the Fedora Project Wiki: