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Developer Giuseppe Torelli
Latest version
Release date and age
Frequently updated yes
Programming language C
Platform Linux
Status active
Genre Archiver
License GNU General Public License
Website xarchiver.xfce.org

Xarchiver is a front-end to various command line archiving tools for GNU/Linux and BSD operating systems, designed to be independent of the desktop environment. It is the default archiving application of LXDE.

It uses the GTK+2 toolkit to provide the program interface; therefore it is capable of running on any system where GTK+2 support exists. A large number of other applications also use the toolkit, so support is widespread among other Linux distributions irrespective of their specific desktop solution. LXDE has adopted Xarchiver as the default archiver.

Supported formats at this time (v. 0.5) are 7z, ARJ, bzip2, gzip, lzma, RAR, RPM, DEB, tar, and ZIP. Xarchiver uses the Direct Save Protocol XDS for drag and drop file saving. The program acts as a front end for various commonly installed libraries dealing with the supported compression formats.

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