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Проект Дизайну LXDE

Приєднуйтесь до нас у Проект Дизайну LXDE and have thousands of people using your LXDE desktop design or wearing your LXDE Fashion design. More info..

Проект Перекладу LXDE

It is our aim to give access to information to people with less powerful hardware. Many people did not have the opportunity to learn English or another second language. Let us make LXDE available in their language, so everyone can profit from the speed and easy to use features of LXDE! With the LXDE Translations Project we also aim to offer documentation and resources around LXDE in as many local languages as possible. More info..

Проект Пакування LXDE

It is our goal to provide packages in as many Linux and other Unix distributions as possible. Please help in the LXDE Packaging Project by providing information and how tos for making packages and getting LXDE packages into different distributions. Більше інформації..