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它是被官方认可的,您可以在上面运行 X Window System 和您所选择的GUI。 这里说明了有关运行 X Window System 和 LXDE 的具体方法。


Debian的shell指令在 这里。此外,如果您的‘debian.img’的文件小了点,您可能要调整,说明在 这里


用您的Android从下列连接下载VNCviewer for Android:

   [An unofficial repo]
   [Google Code]
   [Google Play]

现在复制apk文件到SD卡中,然后运行应用安装程序安装。在终端中启动您的Debian shell,然后键入:

# apt-get install tightvncserver
# apt-get install lxde


# apt-get install icewm



# export USER=root
# vncserver


# vncserver -kill : 1


# nano xstartup

或者用您喜欢的编辑器打开 xstartup。 把这行关于xsession的注释掉:






然后保存文件,重新启动X Window会话的vncserver(您应该在完成了 X Window的设置之后才杀死它)。

This next bit does some housekeeping and sets up the VNC service each time you boot your debian shell - saves messing about everytime! Now back inside your debian prompt you need to edit your /root/.bashrc file:

  1. cd /root
  1. nano .bashrc

Add the following near the top of the file:

exportUSER=root cd / rm -r -f tmp mkdir tmp cd / vncserver -geometry 480x320

(The last line sets your resolution - you can change this if you will be connecting via your computer.)

Save the file (trackball then 'o'), and exit nano (trackball then 'x').

Type 'exit' to exit the Debian shell.

Reboot the phone.

Once rebooted go into Terminal and boot yor Debian shell.

Press the HOME button to revert back to the Android OS while leaving your Debian shell running.

Open androidVNC from your android programs menu.

Connect to 'localhost' port '5901' and enter your password.

Viola, you now have X Window System running on your phone.

Obviously you can connect to your phone's new desktop GUI with a VNC viewer from your computer too just enter it's ip address instead of localhost.

To make the cursor work with your finger, press the MENU button on your device and select 1:1 then just press the trackball ONCE!

Now whenever you want a proper x-windows Desktop GUI right there on your phone, just run the debian shell with 'bootdeb' and it sets up your vncserver. Then just press home to leave it running and get back to your android menu, where you can choose to VNC directly onto it. Cool eh?

When you are finished just exit androidVNC, if you want to get back to your Debian shell, HOLD DOWN the home key to bring up your running processes and switch to it.

What the heck, you could even install GNOME or KDE but it may be a little slow!

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